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Vote for your favourite videos

Tell us your favourite music videos and we'll recreate the most popular ones live!

Can't see your favourite video? Suggest it in our poll and, if it gets enough votes, we'll feature it in our show.  You can even star in it yourself!  CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART.


Pandemonium!  Well, PANDA-monium really.  Crazy, arnarchic pandas take over this video with messy results.

Feel Alright - SUPERGRASS

Gaz and friends drive around the countryside on ... er ... a bed!  Classic tune and classic side-burns.

Gangnam Style - PSY

Korea's most famous export since Samsung dances around like a crab to a song about girls and coffee.  Seriously, that's what he's singing about.  Google it.

Hey Boy Hey Girl -


Scary skeletons everywhere!  Adam Smith's brilliant video where a girl sees everyone as skeletons

I Believe in a Thing Called Love -


Justin and his spandex-wearing friends rock their way around the galazxy and get attacked by a giant, space squid.

Love Shack - B-52S

The B-52s drive along in their big cadillac - it seats about 20 - and head on down to dance at the Love Shack.

Mama Do The Hump - RIZZLE KICKS

Mamas shake their thing and lip-sync to the words from those cheeky, little rizzles.

Material Girl - MADONNA

Madonna dresses up like Marilyn Monroe and tells us that she's actually not the material girl we think she is.


​This video has it all - dancing LA cops, choppers and glittering urinals! 

What's not to like?

Parklife - BLUR

Cut down on your pork pies mate - get some exercise!

This one's easy to sing along to and easy to dress up to - just wear jeans and some Fred Perry!

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