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Vote for your favourite videos

Tell us your favourite music videos and we'll recreate the most popular ones live

Can't see your favourite video? Suggest it in our poll and, if it gets enough votes, we'll feature it in our show.  You can even star in it yourself!  CLICK HERE TO TAKE PART.

99 Problems - JAY-Z

Poor JAY-Z, the man's got so many problems. 

At least his "bitch ain't one".

Bad Romance - LADY GAGA

This lady's having a bad romance.  Is it any wonder?  It's difficult to be romantic with a woman who's wearing a dress made of meat!

Ashes to Ashes - DAVID BOWIE

At the time, 1980, this was the most expensive music video ever made.  Was it any good?

If you think so, vote for it.

Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

Britney dresses up like a saucy schoolgirl - there's something not right about that, surely?  Then she dances around in school hallways with her friends.  It's spawned numerous flashmobs and dance-offs.

Bohemian Rhapsody - QUEEN

4 men with BIG, 1970s hair.  This is one of the first ever music videos and, back in 1975, it's special effects were ground-breaking.  Seriously, they were - ask your dad!

Boys Keep Swinging - DAVID BOWIE

Gender bender Bowie struts his stuff on the catwalk as 3 different ladies in this glam-tastic video.

Can't Get You Out Of My Head - KYLIE

This is the video that made Kylie a superstar.  It's iconic choreograhy and "that" white dress made it a one video you'd never forget.

Cash In My Pocket - WILEY

Wiley doesn't appear in this ... but lots of office workers do - all lip synching to his song. Our favourite is the post-it note guy!

Common People - PULP

An indie classic, Jarvis Cocker and friends throw some shapes on a multi-coloured dancefloor.

Crazy In Love - BEYONCÉ

Booty-licious!  Beyoncé wiggles and jiggles her way through this video in front of big fans while setting off fire hydrants.

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